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Podina Chutney

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Pudina (mint) has excellent medicinal properties and including pudina chutney in everyday meal is very good for health.
Podina Chutney recipe

Total servings:
Pre-Prep time:
Preperation time:
Occasion: Ramadan
Cuisine: Pakistani
Effort: Easy
Best for: All
How to serve: Cold


1 bunch Mint
1 oz Green Chili
1 tsp Salt

1 oz Pomegranate Seeddried
32 oz Yogurt
4 Tbsp Water


Gather ingredients.
Remove stems from green chilies.
Wash mint and remove leaves.
Blend together mint leaves, green chilies, salt and pomegranate seeds in an electric blender to make a paste.
Add water to make a smooth paste.
Remove from blender and mix in yogurt.

* Makes 36 ounces of chutney
* Serve in 2 or 4 ounces

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