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Tikka Bites Special Meal

Rating: 4/5 - Votes: 4 - Views: 23919

Serve Special Tikka Bites with traditional Pulao, Matka gosht, Stuffed Capsium, salad and Cake in dessert.

Tikka Bites Special Meal

Black Forest Cake at Videos
Black Forest Cake
Eggless cake ,made into blackforest cake a valentines cake for vegeterians
Rating: 4/10 - Votes: 4 - Views: 15422

Chinoti Sada Pullao at
Chinoti Sada Pullao
A rice and mutton preparation that can be served as a full meal on its own. Mutton boiled with ginger/garlic and all spices.
Rating: 5/10 - Votes: 1 - Views: 7651

Matka Gosht at
Matka Gosht
Matka Gosht is great for stewed lamb curry and also called Kunna.But to me lamb can be alternated with beef too its very easy to make n you not really need any special ingredients to make it.Try it once n you will love it.
Rating: 4.5/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 15683

Quick Salad at
Quick Salad
Fresh and hearty salad tossed with salt papper and lemon juice to give it a kick.
Rating: 4.5/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 8281

Stuffed Bell Peppers at
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Stuffed green peppers filled with mince meat prepared in spices and green chillies.
Rating: 5/10 - Votes: 4 - Views: 8569

Tikka Bites at
Tikka Bites
An alternative to the usual chicken tikka these are served in bite sized pieces which can make a fantastic starter accompaniment.
Rating: 4/10 - Votes: 4 - Views: 11457

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